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New - elastic sofa trains matt intertwined leaves - new

New - elastic sofa trains matt intertwined leaves - new

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The most important thing at a glance

✔️ Easy to attach and remove - Ideal to upgrade older chairs in no time or to protect new chairs from the first spot.

✔️ Water -repellent and hard -wearing material - Effectively protects against burial and wear, extends the lifespan of both used and new chairs.

✔️ Diversity of designs and colors - offers numerous design options to breathe fresh wind or seamlessly insert new chairs into the existing interior.

✔️ Machine washable - Allows easy cleaning and care, keep your chairs, old or new, permanently clean and appealing.

✔️ Cost -efficient solution - gives a new life a new life and at the same time offers practical protection for new chairs to ensure long -term beauty and functionality.

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Measure the corner sofa

If you have a corner sofa, measure it as in the example. For a two -part sofa, you would have to buy two sofa trains. One for the long part and the other for the L part that goes into the room. If you have a three -part sofa, you must therefore order three references.

When small flaws become great concern

Unfortunately, the stains and cracks are getting bigger from time to time. Every time you enter the room, the marks catch your eye and the thought that the guests also notice the spots and you are asked about it, you can drive you crazy over time. The whole thing can become a large source of frustration and affect well -being in your own home.

The simple solution for a flawless too

Our sofa trains offer a simple and effective solution for your problem. Designed to connect protection and style, help your chairs look a flawless look without having to buy expensive new furniture. Available in a variety of designs, adapt seamlessly to your existing facility and at the same time offer urgently needed protection against daily chaos. Even if a large spot ends up on the cover, this is not a problem, the covers can be easily removed and cleaned in the washing machine.

Ready for every occasion

Imagine you could transform your home into a place that not only looks stylish, but also withstands lively everyday life. A place where you no longer have to worry about stains or cracks because you know that your sofa is well protected.
With our sofa trains, your dining area is always ready to welcome guests, and you can sit back and enjoy the compliments for your tasteful home.

Don't miss the chance to stylishly upgrade your home and say goodbye to the annoying and time -consuming cleaning and cleaning.

Take the first step into a flawless living ambience and a place of wellbeing according to your ideas.

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